VoIP and Call Centers

Call centers have existed in the past, in central locations where hundreds, if not thousands of employees sat at desks, with headphones, telephones, and computers, and took customer service calls.

Today, thanks to VoIP call centers have had a rebirth. The early traditional call centers were comprised of circuit switched networks. Circuit switching requires electrical circuits and is reminiscent of the early “Switchboard Operators” who would basically plug one caller to another. Today’s VoIP call centers rely on Packet Switched (or voice translated into data or information bits) networks. Packet Switching is smaller than circuit switching, is less expensive and conserves bandwidth usage- a vital fact for those who run call centers.

One of the greatest advantages to incorporating a Packet Switched VoIP network as opposed to a Circuit Switched network is that you will eliminate the need for telephones and telephone bills. This provides a tremendous savings to companies.

For many, the benefits of operating a VoIP call center are immense. By initiating a central VoIP call center, it is very easy to route overflow calls to other centers. Outsourcing and home users also become easily connected to the call center. The call center exists anywhere there is a high-speed Internet connection and the applicable software program to handle the calls. Many employers are choosing to outsource their jobs overseas where they can hire agents for less. VoIP enables companies to hire workers worldwide. VoIP has also enabled many people in the United States to work from home, using their broadband connections as well.

Additional benefits include being able to hire workers in different time zones. This has a tremendous boost to a company’s productivity. Customers can call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and rest assured that not only will they connect with an agent, but that their agent will be awake and working during their peak hours.

Others prefer VoIP call centers because of the integration of converged applications that can handle voice, data, and web based infrastructures at once. By utilizing these applications with VoIP, an agent can transfer a call, data, and other relevant information to another agent easily and simultaneously. Many companies choose to integrate their web based and voice applications into one network served program.

VoIP offers greater freedom, flexibility, and is cost effective as the choice for technological call centers.

VoIP is a wonderful way to increase productivity and enhance overall employee function. Some of the areas that are central to VoIP and its advantages to the call center include

Real Time Web Integration

VoIP converged systems can allow a caller to decide it they would like to contact the company through Web, Email, Fax, or Voice. The customer can then receive a response from an agent in real time. Even an automatically generated response can be sent, letting the customer know that their question was received. This is a phenomenal advantage to customer service and productivity.

Advanced or Automated Call Distributors

ACD is an incredible advantage utilized by VoIP call centers that can greatly enhance overall performance and productivity. Based on the caller’s responses, calls can be automatically routed to correct departments, where agents are trained in handling their calls. For telemarketers or sales, this means a significant decrease in customers who are angry, dissatisfied, or who feel frustrated with being given the “run around”. Customers can answer questions by pressing buttons on their phones, and be transferred to the appropriate department.

Interactive Voice Response

This is where the customer answers questions and is then routed to the appropriate agent who will handle their concerns. Many times, an agent isn’t even required for the customer to have their needs met satisfactorily. If you have ever made a phone call, then had your call routed by a “recording” you have just used Interactive Voice Response.

Desktop Computer Telephony

Desktop computer telephony enables the agent to receive pertinent customer information as soon as the call is routed to them. This increases the level of service given to the customer, because the customer does not have to go through another explanation of details previously given. Information such as customer name, address, orders, billing history, credit history, are all displayed as the call is transferred.

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