Voice Quality

As technology continues to present us with new and stunning audio programs, we must be sure that we are not exchanging flexibility with voice quality. To have a successful experience with VoIP, we must first make sure that our computers and all of its subsequent equipment is up to standard. This includes motherboards, speaker boards, video cards, audio and video Codecs, speakers, and of course your microphone.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is the application of transferring audio as data packets over the Internet and to a receiving computer or VoIP enabled device. You can use three different types of methods to communicate with VoIP. First, you can use your computer with an attached microphone and speakers. You also have the option of using a standard telephone, by connecting it to your broadband modem and your telephone. You can also use a VoIP enabled telephone.

Today’s telecommunication devices continually progress and evolve. Consumers have moved from the standard telephone to the pager or beeper (which has become virtually obsolete) to the cell phone, and now they are embracing wireless technology. VoIP and VoWiFi are on the rise, and with the technological advancements we can rest assured that our audio and video are producing the highest quality. By using your Windows Update programs, and continually upgrading your Audio drivers and Codecs, you will not sacrifice quality for flexibility. Audio Codecs are used to transfer the audio sound into the data packet before it is sent over the Internet. Some voice Codecs are also referred to as Voice Coders or Voice Encoders. There are a few commonly used Codecs for VoIP. These are G.711, G.729, and ITU-T. If your audio quality is poor, you can use certain programs and check your bandwidth. This will help identify any audio quality issues that you may be having. You can also upgrade to a higher audio codec, such as the G. 729 and that usually helps solve up audio problems.

Overall, when a user has an up to date computer system, and is using updated Audio Codecs and drivers, people are amazed by the high quality of VoIP. In fact, many people will never notice that you aren’t using a traditional phone, but VoIP services.

As VoIP increases in demand, new products are continually being released to the consumer. Audio quality is an important factor that weighs heavily in the design of new products. Cingular is offering VoWiFi plans and Vonage is currently working on a VoWiFi phone.

As these new products are being designed, and as more telephony heavyweights continue to produce them, we can know that they are not going to overlook the importance of audio quality. There is nothing you can do about using a product in a location that has bad reception, but all in all consumers are generally impressed with the level of voice quality that is standard with current telecommunications products.

VoIP is taking over and replacing standard PSTN networks. Even Verizon is releasing their brand of VoIP services. We can look to the next five years with full expectancy of what new products we will be presented with.

More people are placing a demand on Smartphones. These are phones that can store personal information, work as audio and video players and recorders, access the Internet, and store images or function as a camera. Due to the fact that many VoWiFi products are new the cost is high, yet over the next 5-7 years, we will see user demand go up and the price will subsequently come down.

People expect crystal clear audio and video in their telecommunications products.

Even the standards of audio quality when using Pc-to-Pc Instant messaging has drastically improved and the audio quality is perfect. Many Instant Messaging programs are now offering free VoIP services for Pc-to-Pc users. This is a great way to maintain free communication with family and friends. With Instant Messaging and VoIP enabled services, you can talk virtually world wide, unlimited with simply a high speed Internet connection, a Microphone, and computer speakers. The person on the receiving end of the call will also need the same Instant Messaging program that you are using. There are many options for today’s consumer to have high quality and pleasant long distance conversations.

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