Streamline Your Business with VoIP

Can VoIP be a viable solution to your company’s telecommunications needs? Judging by the growing number of businesses crossing over from PSTN to VoIP, we can infer an affirmative answer. This article will outline some reasons why you should consider resorting to Internet telephony.

In today’s business environment, success is often dependant on effective communication. Most of the times, communication occurs in the form of telephony, e-mail, or instant messaging. For businesses that need to maintain steady contact with their customers, VoIP can be a very attractive option, as it incorporates all these services, thus enabling them to slash costs. Not only will they only pay for one package of integrated services, but the cost of calling is also significantly lower via the Internet than through a conventional PSTN. In other words, by using VoIP, a company can save money twice.

Perhaps the highest degree of relevance in terms of cost and efficiency can be seen in the case of call centres. Since their main activity is communication with customers, these companies will most likely appreciate the increased flexibility they can enjoy by implementing the VoIP technology.

On the one hand, because VoIP integrates data, audio, and web-based features, communication is facilitated and the quality of the services offered by the call centres can only be augmented. On the other hand, because VoIP can work anywhere there’s a broadband connection available, employees needn’t be physically located in the same place.

That means companies can very easily relocate offices and they can also employ people living anywhere in the world. This has two direct consequences: first, people can be hired from countries where labour is less expensive, and second, the call centre will be able to offer 24-hour customer support without the need for anyone to work at night.

To summarize, VoIP means lower cost for the business, more comfort for its employees, and better service for its customers.

Some lines of business require employees to be mobile. In order to maintain contact with the company’s offices, these mobile workers have so far relied mainly on cell phones. This means high costs incurred when contacting the employee, as well as far less than perfect service offered to those customers who require the support provided by that particular worker. In addition to the obvious and frequently restated advantage of spending less money on communications, VoIP makes the company more customer-friendly. Instead of explaining to a customer that the person who can answer their question is out of office and possibly advising them to call the employee’s cell phone, calls can be routed to the mobile worker. You’ll notice a relieving drop in the number of frustrated customers.

Another advantage of VoIP is the conferencing facilities it offers. Enhanced security for audio and video conferencing, improved reachability of the employees, and lower long-distance calling costs form a very attractive combination.

With VoIP, there is much more customization and flexibility. Travelling will no longer account for higher telephone costs due to roaming charges. Fax and e-mail services will still be available to you wherever you have a broadband connection you can use.

In addition to that, you can even reduce your customers’ costs. When you sign up for VoIP services and you are assigned a phone number, you will be given the chance to choose another area code than the one you are actually in. You can opt for the area code of your target customers, thus making it more affordable for them to call you.

To conclude, VoIP is a streamlining catalyst. Your business will be more efficient and enjoy more flexibility, while spending less.

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