• Voip And Wifi
    • Computers may be built with Wi-FI pre installed, or you can purchase a Wi-Fi networking card, allowing your desktop computer to become wireless. Now,
  • Voip And 911
    • There is a fundamental conceptual – and functional – difference between VoIP technology and traditional telephony. A conventional phone conversation i
  • Unwired
    • VoIP offers many advantages to those who are brave enough to pull the plug. First, VoIP offers incredible savings for local, long distance, and inter
  • Voice Quality
    • VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is the application of transferring audio as data packets over the Internet and to a receiving comput
  • Voip Going Global
    • VoIP has many advantages compared to PSTN the first is cost. VoIP is less expensive than the price of PSTN telephone services. And to make things e
  • This Is Voip
    • One of the main features that account for the popularity gained by VoIP is the low cost of calling. Firstly, sending information over the Internet is
  • Voip Calling Plans
    • You should be well aware of the fact that VoIP has conflicting problems with the 911 emergency systems, before you decide upon a plan. The FCC has in
  • Voip And Long Distance
    • VoIP is changing the way the world looks at telephone services. Because VoIP is neither PSTN (the public switched telephone network) nor Circuit Swit
  • Voip Its A Phone Its A Computer Its
    • VoIP Technology
  • Voip And Quality
    • Another step in producing great audio quality and VoIP is your soundboard. If you have a shabby soundboard and speakers, you will not experience the
  • Voip In Many Countries
    • Even as this migration is taking place, the full adoption of IP in the communications networks will take several years to complete, with the co-existe
  • Voip And Call Centers
    • Today, thanks to VoIP call centers have had a rebirth. The early traditional call centers were comprised of circuit switched networks. Circuit switc
  • Voip Goes Wireless
    • The Internet is a medium that enables many forms of communication, including the recent VoIP technology, which relies on the transmission of voice in
  • Voip Basics
    • The main difference between Packet Switching and Circuit Switching, is that Packet Switching uses (data) or Packets and sends them over the Internet w
  • Voip Taking The Decision
    • Before we have a look at the actual reasons that might persuade you to make the switch, we should keep in mind that VoIP is no longer a newcomer in th
  • Understanding Voice Over Internet Protocol Voip
    • What is voice over internet protocol (VoIP)?
  • Voip And 911e911
    • Because VoIP technology exists by sending “Packets” or units of information as data signals over the Internet, and because many Internet connectio
  • Voip And The Us Government
    • VoIP works with a broadband or high speed Internet connection and allows you to place phone calls over the Internet rather than with telephone lines.
  • Top 10 Voip Providers
    • Skype
  • Voip The Perfect Solution For Call Centers
    • VoIP, or Internet telephony, has been rapidly growing in popularity the past few years. It seems to have come at a very opportune moment, since broadb
  • Voip Telecommunications Are Changing
    • First of all, VoIP operates over the Internet instead of the traditional PSTN lines. From a technological point of view, this means they are not circu
  • Voip Frequently Asked Questions
    • VoIP allows you to make telephone calls using a computer network, over a data network like the Internet. VoIP converts the voice signal from your tele
  • Streamline Your Business With Voip
    • In today’s business environment, success is often dependant on effective communication. Most of the times, communication occurs in the form of telepho